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SHAZAM – 2014 Autumn Programme of Events

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Media training

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We recently had some media training and wanted to share some of the resources we used. Speaking out, sometimes through the press, can’t be left to a professional elite. People need to hear the truth of your story and experiences.

There’s a really well written 10-step guide to a hard-hitting action media team.

And also suggestions for Grow Heathrow’s key messages and statistics: pdf file to view and odt file to edit. These are not official or agreed by the group, but hopefully a useful tool to consider in the workshop.

Want to learn about Geodomes?

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Come and help build a 17 foot (5.1816m)! Geodome at Grow Heathrow. The workshop will run for a week from Friday 6th Dec.

We’ll be using a unique design that innovates the geodome structure for ease of assembly. This design incorporates a new star connection method that enables just one person to construct. Laying out the cover over the stars means that the cover will be already in place as the geodome is erected.  Possibly included in the course will be waterproof seam sewing techniques and dome canvas sewing if we have time. The course will be limited in numbers to 4 persons each day so please email in advance to let us know your availability and interest so we can maximise participants.

Geodomes are based on triangular geometry and were popularised by Buckmeister Fuller. They are predominantly used for earthquake relief due to their intrinsic strength at intersecting joints, this makes it an ideal solution for earthships, which this model is intended.

We will be using recycled metal poles from the dilapidated greenhouses we have on site. Geodomes are one of the most versatile structures available; they are scalable and can be made into any size you wish, you can use all sorts of materials available, and can be used for all sorts of applications, and they can also be joined together.

We will be using a 3V design, which means it has 3 different size pole lengths. It also has the option of a 4/9 or 5/9 variant, which alows the dome to have 2 different heights, either less than or bigger than half a sphere.

Hope to see you budding eco builders on the week of the 6th.

Bike workshop up and running

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For about a month now local residents have been rocking up to Grow Heathrow every Thursday with their bicycles to come and learn how to get them fixed. The bike workshop is still in it’s early days so still needs people to spread the word but it’s looking good for the future.

The bike workshop is a place to come and learn how to repair your bike in a friendly environment. Some of us have the skills, some of us don’t. The emphasis is based on us all learning together. We’re not fully stocked yet but we have nearly all the tools and parts to fix any problem.

Why Bicycles? Bicycles are a great way to get around. It’s cheap as you avoid paying the rediculous London travel prices, it’s healthy as your body benefits from the exercise – and of course the climate likes it too. ONE LESS CAR!

If you have a bicycle that needs mending, or if you want to come and build a bike yourself then please get down to Grow Heathrow on a Thursday afternoon from 2pm – and why not bring a friend. The workshop can only grow through word of mouth.