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Join the Grow Heathrow eviction phone tree

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We have set up a phone tree in case of the bailiffs coming back and carrying out an eviction.

If you would like to be added to the Grow Heathrow eviction phone tree to receive texts and updates if an eviction is taking place then please send your mobile number to info@transitionheathrow.com.

Do not text the site phone your number as the site phone is down. Sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

50,000 mobilised against Nantes expansion

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Peasant mobilization was strong in Nantes, where the procession was attended by 530 tractors.

A huge protest took place in Nantes on 22nd February, against the planned new replacement airport to be built at Notre Dame des Landes, some miles to the north. The organisers estimated some 50,000 protesters, who came in from supportive groups from regions all across France. There are reported to have been 65 coach loads of protesters who travelled to Nantes to take part, and 520 tractors, brought by supportive farmers from surrounding areas. The protests were put down with considerable force by the police, using water canon, rubber bullets and tear gas.

The full report is at Airport Watch, including an article from Le Monde, video of police response, and a blog from John Stewart of HACAN about the origins of the resistance to the airport.

John Stewart’s blog from 24 February begins:

In a blog about the huge demonstration, part of which turned in to rioting, at Nantes against the proposed  new airport, John Stewart looks at how this protest came about – and its relevance to other large infrastructure projects in Europe. The Nantes protest organisers say as many as 50,000 people attended, from supportive protest committees from areas across France. The politics of this airport project have taken on national interest and significance, and also linked into opposition to “Les Grands Projets Inutiles Imposes” (useless, imposed mega-projects).  The people passionately fighting plans for a new airport in unspoiled French farming countryside are linked to those opposing HS2 and other schemes like a high-speed rail in Northern Italy and cyanide-mined gold extraction project in Romania. All these projects have managed to get support from very disparate sections of society. They all have real doubts about the economics or the necessity of the project; also they have land, homes, countryside or communities to defend; there is significant local opposition; and they also attract in outside opposition, from people with a variety of  perspective as well as environmental.

Bilderberg Fringe Festival: Fri 7 – Sun 9, Watford

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Bilderberg Fringe Festival Poster

Every year politicians, royalty and CEO’s meet in secret to discuss the fate of the world. This year, you are all invited!

2013 welcomes the first ever Bilderberg Fringe Festival. Taking place between 7th – 9th June in Watford, the festival is a unique, FREE event which will nurture dialogue and discourse about Bilderberg in a peaceful, fun environment – alongside a jam-packed weekend of speakers, comedy, music, workshops, arts and entertainment!

Seeking to stimulate hearts and minds and unite the politically conscious, the event will be a positive platform which harmonises fun with enlightened idea exchanges. The Bilderberg Fringe Festival is an unmissable occasion for conscious citizens from all over the world to join together and have a fantastic party.

We are expressing our outrage at this travesty of democracy the only way we know how. By hula-hooping in the sunshine and dancing barefoot in the grass. Except where cows have been.

Where Bilderberg is closed, dark and joyless, we are open, happy and free. They may have better spa facilities, but we have better chai.

After negotiations by Hertfordshire police liaison officers, we are excited to announce that a site inside the fabulously scenic Grove Hotel grounds has been confirmed to house key Bilderberg Fringe events.
From Friday 7th through to Sunday 9th the ‘Bilderberg Speakers Corner’ will feature an exclusive programme of talks by researchers, journalists and academics as well as performances by comedians and poets set against the remarkable backdrop of the hotel next to the entrance used by Bilderberg delegates to access the conference.

See bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk

Bilderberg fringe festival, 6-9 June in Watford

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Hertfordshire Constabulary have confirmed to the Watford Observer that, in the words of the Observer, a ‘shadowy summit of world leaders [is] taking place in Watford next month.

It continues: ”The Bilderberg Group of around 140 influential figures including royalty, politicians and business leaders will meet at The Grove from June 6 to June 9… The group’s annual meetings have in the past attracted storms of protests from campaigners who accuse it of hijacking the democratic process.’

So local people are putting on a free framily-friendly fringe festival to Occupy Bilderberg. There’ll be:

  • International Speakers
  • Comedians
  • ‘Hug a Bilderberger’
  • Music
  • Poetry and spoken word
  • Delicious local and ethically sourced food and drink, plus grilled Bilderburgers.

All ages welcome, although it should be pointed out that this is not the same as the toddler-focussed consumer Build-a-Bear festival, which is what I thought when I first heard about it.

Updates and more info are at bilderberg2013.co.uk and bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk.

Secret location revealed for Open House tomorrow

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We are delighted to announce the location of Open House and invite you to our first day of events on Sunday.
Open House is taking place in County Street, a stone’s throw from Elephant & Castle tube. See here for a map.Come down to check out Open House anytime from 12pm tomorrow, Sunday 12 May, for: We’ve been making the space beautiful today and we’re really excited to kick off a great week of events with you. See you tomorrow!

‘Royal wedding raids’ judicial review

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Beginning tomorrow morning and lasting all week at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand a number of different campaign groups, squatters, lawyers and individuals including Transition Heathrow are taking the Police to court over the Royal Wedding squat raids and heavy handed policing that occurred in the run up to last years wedding.

The judicial review could have groundbreaking implications for policing of protests in the UK and is particularly important with the upcoming Olympics.

The day before the Royal Wedding, our squatted community market garden project ‘Grow Heathrow’ was raided by 40 riot police at 7am in the morning along with 4 other squats across London. Why they chose to pay us an unwelcome visit remains unclear. Our part in the court case is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon so please follow our twitter to find out how it all goes in court.

We are still incredibly angry over the disproportionate raid and act of political policing that occurred last year, lets hope the courts see sense and send out a message to the police that they cannot do anything they like to put people off political protest.

The only other big question that needs answering is: will the police be submitting as evidence the ‘dangerous vegetables’ they found that morning?

John Mcdonnell MP speaks at Emergency meeting

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Here’s what our local MP has to say about the recent police intimidation tactics which have been stepped up in the last couple of weeks. If your after a clear explanation as to what political policing means then listen in as John explains it really well from about 3 minutes in.

He was speaking hear at an emergency public meeting on the right to protest which was called for after Grow Heathrow was raided by 40 riot police in the early hours of the morning along with 4 other squats across London and Brighton the day before the royal wedding. As well as this, some high profile activists were pre-emptively arrested the night before the royal wedding – and on the actual day itself people were arrested for singing songs and for dressing up as zombies.

Grow Heathrow on the news

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Here is the interview with our very own Joe Rake speaking to ITV journalists about the police raid of Grow Heathrow the day before the Royal Wedding. The footage was shown on ITV London Tonight and on the Channel 4 National News at 10.

John McDonnell speaks up in parliament about squat raids

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Here is the video of John Mcdonnell MP speaking in court today about the squat raids that went on across London including the raid of Grow Heathrow. This is yet another example of political policing. Solidarity with those arrested.

Photos from todays raid

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More photos from todays raid can be found HERE. 5 squats in total across London have now been raided. And the police claim it is all nothing to do with the Royal Wedding even though the wedding date is tomorrow. It is such an abuse of their power. Lets hope the cost of the whole operation is not being added to the Royal Wedding budget which is all being paid for by the taxpayer.