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It’s all go, go, go @ Grow!

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Another busy weekend of Shazzam workshops have been and gone here at Grow Heathrow.

On Saturday we had a workshop by Rose and Aiemee on Permaculture, planning, propagation and planning. And then on Sunday, to continue our “p” theme, there was a workshop on propaganda – otherwise known as an introduction to subvertising.


Saturday’s workshop was well attended by residents of Grow Heathrow, their family members and the wider community. The workshop went through the theory of permaculture – focusing on the ethics (Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares) and principles behind the practices. There were a range of different levels of gardening experience in the workshop – from complete newbies to experienced growers, which meant there was plenty of knowledge exchange within the group. We also looked into some of the ideas behind soil care, a key part of growing practice, and crop rotation.

Preparing this years beds

Preparing this years beds

We didn’t just spend our time talking though, but got out into the Grow Heathrow site to look at how permaculture design principles have been incorporated into many aspects of the way things work. We also got our hands dirty and weeded some of the beds in the meadow, ready for the coming growing season.

Feeling inspired by this workshop, a few people got together after the workshop and began planning this years growing at Grow Heathrow. We’re excited for what this season might bring and if you want to get involved in any capacity feel free to get in touch or come on down!

Sunday’s workshop on subvertising was also well attended with people coming from as far a field as Brighton to take part. In this workshop we discussed a variety of things from the problems associated with advertising to how to go about fighting back against the daily assault on our senses. (Did you know the average Londoner sees around 3500 adverts a day?).


Then we got practical and experimented with a variety of subvertising techniques on some fake billboards that were dotted around the Grow Heathrow site. Participants came up with some really creative ways to subvert problematic messages and said they enjoyed the chance to practice these techniques in a safe environment.

Another busy weekend down… let’s go for it all again this weekend! Come along fro Build A Bike Trailer tomorrow and then Intuitive Painting on Sound Healing on Sunday.

Go go go!


Sun 18: How to grow organic with companion planting

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3 Sisters Companion Planting Skill Share Sunday 18th May! 

The Three Sisters – corn, beans and squash – are 3 great plants that grow and thrive together. Corn provides a natural pole for bean vines to climb. The beans take nitrogen to the corns roots, improving the fertility of the plot by providing nitrogen for the following years corn. Bean vines also help stabilize the corn plants against the wind. Shallow-rooted squash vines become a living mulch, shading emerging weeds and preventing soil moisture from evaporating, improving the overall crops chances of survival in dry summers. Spiny squash plants also help discourage predators from approaching the corn and beans.

The large amount of crop residue from this planting combination can be incorporated back into the soil at the end of the season to build up the organic matter and improve its structure.Corn, beans and squash also complement each other nutritionally. Corn provides carbohydrates, the beans are rich in protein and squash yields both vitamins from the fruit and healthful, delicious oil from the seeds.

Last year the 3 sisters shared an vibrant and full bed in the front meadow. This year, to give them more space, we’re going to be venturing to the newly mulched sunny plot in the back.

Next Sunday 19th May every one is welcome to come and join in the preparing of the beds and planting of the vegetables. Growing Sundays will be starting at the usual time of 2pm and ending at dusk, but feel free to drop in whenever you like. I’m not an expert on this, in fact I’ve never done it before, so hopefully every one can share what they know and work on it together and we’ll all come away knowing a little bit more.

If you have any questions please give us a call on 07890751568 or email info@transitionheathrow.com

Grow Heathrow’s spring chicken appeal

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Do you own chickens? Well, we need you!

Grow Heathrow would like to get chickens again and would love your help. Come and share your skills in things like how to:

  • look after chickens
  • recognise pests, problems and diseases
  • keep them entertained

Alternatively, if you’ve got some spare chicken feed, old feeders or equipment that you can donate we’d love that too. Anything would be a help and donations are gratefully accepted!

We’ve also got a chicken space working week from the 16th-19th April and we’re inviting everyone down to help out with getting the space ready for them. If you’re free and can come down then that would be great, but if not, feel free to come and visit any time, just give us a call so that we can put the kettle on.

If you’ve got questions send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Kaleidoscope performance residency

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From the 6th- 10th June, Grow Heathrow needs YOU. Calling all with a background in; theatre, dance, poetry, movement, puppetry, music, visual arts, circus…. and anything else…

Grow Heathrow (our squatted community garden) are offering the opportunity to be part of a 5-day theatrical residency that explores the creative link between resistance, permaculture, occupation and transition. Immersed in the realities of group living within a place that would be destroyed by the third runway, we’ll build a freely creative and imaginative response to the history of Sipson’s fight against the third runway, Grow Heathrow and the Transition Town movement.

The residency will culminate in a performance in the local village and later on one at the Grow Heathrow site, both on Sunday 10th June. Although this is a 5 day residency, the first two days of devising are optional, and you can come on board just from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th if you are limited with time, although the whole shabang is advised


Wed 6th – Thurs 7th: Nourishment, development and devising

Fri 8th – Sun 10th: Projecting, preparing, performing

Sunday 10th, 5pm and 8pm performances

This is a non-commercial, not for profit venture. £10 all-in to cover living costs on site. Deadline for applications: 01/05/2012 Please email kaleidoscope.transition@gmail.com for more information or to reserve a place, as numbers are limited, (including a little bit about yourself).