We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.

3 weeks to go

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We’re only three weeks away now from the Transition Network Gathering for Transition Towns based in London & Thames Valley, to be held at Grow Heathrow.

So far we have had a good response with people signing up for the day but we still have room for more people and are welcoming anyone who hasn’t booked a place yet. What would be amazing would be to have at least one representative from every Transition Town across London and the Thames Valley region – so please do come on down if no one from your group has booked a place yet. We’re setting a deadline for registration as Monday 6th June as we need to know by then exactly how many people need catering for lunch – please send an e-mail to info@transitionheathrow.com to register.

Unfortunately Paul Chatterton cannot make it anymore but we have a few people we are asking that could fill in for him to talk about the “rocky road to transition”. On a more positive note, we are pleased to announce that Organic Lea are joining us for the day and will be running a workshop in the afternoon. Organic Lea are an amazing bunch of people who run a workers cooperative food growing project on London’s edge in Lea Valley. Check them out.

Catch Transition Heathrow at Creative Transition event

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On Tuesday 24th May, Transition Heathrow will be joining in with a day of talks and open space discussions about sustainability and resilience in art and design education. The event titled ‘The Keys are under the Mat’ is being organised by a group of staff and students from the CCW Graduate school (Camberwell College of Arts, Chelsea College of Art and Design and Wimbledon College of Art).

The group, calling themselves Creative Transition, have recently started a passionate conversation about sustainability and resilience in art and design education. Creative Transition is a call to all CCW staff and students to start talking about taking practical steps toward the art and design school they want to see in the future – inspired by how artists, designers, activists, writers and thinkers are responding to current challenges in the here and now.

There are noticeably few models for this new approach to radical revision of the new structures of curricula of existing art schools. The day will hopefully inspire individuals to work together to see how they might be creative in their own institution.

From 10-4pm in the Red Room, Chelsea College of Art Design. RSVP to ted@chelsea.arts.ac.uk

London & Thames Valley Transition Network gathering

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On Saturday 11th June, from 10am-5.30pm, Grow Heathrow will be hosting the Transition Network gathering for Transition Towns based in London & the Thames Valley area.

However small, large, successful, unsucessful any of your projects are going – everyone is invited to come and find out what each group has been up to and how we can collaborate together.

Speakers on the day will include Ben Brangwyn (Transition Town co- founder), Dr. Paul Chatterton, Seeds for Change, So We Stand and more to be confirmed. Visitors on the day will include local MP John McDonnell.

The day will use a variety of different organising methods to ensure participation from all and to be as inclusive as possible. Think World Cafe’s, consensus, popular education – we’re going to have it all.

Please come and spend the day with us to re-create and re-imagine possibilities on land that would have been tarmacced over for a third runway at Heathrow airport.

The full programme of the day can be found and downloaded HERE

Please RSVP to info@transitionheathrow.com to confirm your place as we need to know how many to cater for. Guests will be required to informally register in the morning.

The first of many film showings

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On a dark, cold and wet February evening underneath the roaring sound of planes taking off from Heathrow airport, about 25 residents huddled around a big screen in Harmondsworth Community centre, Harmondsworth being one of the villages directly threatened by the proposed 3rd runway at Heathrow.

The film showing was organised by campaign group Transition Heathrow who have moved into the village of Harlington to implement plans that look at creating a more sustainable Heathrow that will be equipped to deal with the imminent harsh impacts of climate change and peak oil.

The evening commenced with a short 10 minute animation called Wake Up Freak Out by Plane Stupid’s Leo Murray which delved into the science behind climate change and what a future in 10/20 years time could look like.

After a short break involving lots of cake and tea the audience were shown the film The End Of Surburbia. This film looks at the dwindling supplies of oil and starts to address the concept of peak oil, this concept is very simple – it refers to the idea that the world has a finite reserve of oil and that it is running out. Some believe that global oil production will reach its peak during this decade and then fall forever into a state of decline. Although fairly long and involving lots of interviews, what most engaged everyone in the room was the last 10 minutes of the film which starts to to look at how local communities will be affected and ways in which to tackle these massive issues, at a local level.

Once the film was over everyone gathered in a big group to voice there concerns and ideas for the future. Everyone was keen to discuss these issues and will be looking to facilitate these exciting ideas and plans through Transition Heathrow and other local groups.

Transition Heathrow will be holding a massive ‘open space’ meeting probably on Saturday the 13th March and everyone from the film showing will hopefully be attending along with many more local people. The open space meeting is for anyone that may be interested in looking into and implementing local transition plans on anything from transport and food growing to education, direct action and transition justice.