We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.

“The Enemies Within”

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On Sunday 1st March, 1pm, Grow Heathrow’s 5th birthday presents “The Enemies Within”, a verbatim account from the miners, their wives and families, who took part in the Miners’ Strike 1984-85. It is their voices, as recounted to a group of actors from the Young Vic Theatre in the summer of 1985 and subsequently performed at that theatre, and 25 years later at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton, the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, and the Barnsley Working Mens’ Club.

They describe the experiences they went through in the struggle for their jobs, their democratic rights, and the very future of their communities. And it is also a record of the brutal oppression and violence they were met with in the course of that struggle. Their lives were changed forever. As was the future of all trade unions. But the struggle continues. And their resistance continues… their voices can be heard just as clearly and passionately today.

We fought the Law!

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After all these years Grow Heathrow have finally come to the end of our legal battle!!

We  were not able to take the appeal to the supreme court, as the case was not awarded legal aid, by a body that is being cut heavily by this government. Read more about cuts to legal aid here: http://www.savelegalaid.co.uk/

However, the case has set a positive precedent in housing law that will be able to be used in future cases on evictions for both squatters and exploited tenants. The last appeal heard at the High Court was the first case of it’s type where article 8, the Human Rights Act, was ever deemed to be relevant. Big news in a time where squatting is being criminalized in the middle of a housing crises.

Where does that leave us?

Basically in a similar place to where we were before. Grow Heathrow is still under possible threat, much like the last 4 years, but business as usual continues. The Wind Turbine is still soaring, the Chard is still growing and the compost loo’s are still being stirred!

Mainly we are still trying to create negotiations with the land owners to ultimately and ideally secure the site. With the 3rd runway back on the cards, we are not going anywhere. Watch this space…

Oct 5: Save legal aid

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Reblogged from ukuncut.org.uk:

The government is about to launch its biggest attack yet on our rights, freedoms, and equality. They want to completely block access to justice for all but the rich, and they want to do it by the end of the year. Such an historic attack on people’s rights cannot, should not and will not go unchallenged. On 5th October, join UK Uncut as we take mass civil disobedience to show that we won’t take this assault on our equality before the law.

 The government have forced through devastating cuts in every area from education to housing, welfare to healthcare, and now they want to stop us challenging their unfair and unnecessary decisions, and to stop us from resisting  injustice.

If these proposals go through they will stop people from disputing unfair evictions from their homes. They will stop babies from having their interests represented in family disputes. And they will stop the families of people killed in custody or detention from fighting for the truth.

This isn’t a cut that we’re talking about. The changes to legal aid won’t save even one penny, in fact they will cost money by causing havoc to the legal system. They are not motivated by a need to save money – these are ideological changes aimed at ruining justice for poor people and handing more contract cash to G4S and Serco.

So join the UK uncut collective in blocking roads outside of courts around the country.  In an act of direct action, we will stand against these dangerous changes that will destroy democracy and ordinary people’s lives.  We know that this will be disruptive. We know that it will stop the traffic. But we know that this kind of direct action works, and that we need to use it to save justice.

We already have the support of DPAC, Defend the Right to protest, Women Against Rape, Plane Stupid, Kent Refugee Help and BARAC UK.  But we need your help to make this huge. Get a group together, meet and come up with some ideas for your own act of creative civil disobedience. Start planning, find your nearest court, list your action on the action section of our website and get in touch if we can help.

Blocking roads has an important and effective history in direct action in the UK, and given the government has ignored petitions and protests, civil disobedience is needed to defend our rights against this attack. By blocking roads outside of courts, we will be symbolically highlighting the devastating effect the changes will have on access to justice. If you’re angry that the government is blocking justice for the poorest and most vulnerable, join us on the 5th.  Tell all your friends, family and colleagues. Shout about it, tweet it, facebook it.

See you on the streets

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Court of Appeal – another update

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We were told that we’d hear the verdict from the Court of Appeal by the end of April…

…BUT April has been and gone and we still haven’t heard anything.

We will keep you up to date, but in the meantime feel free to join us in the sunshine – we’re busy sowing seeds and making wood burners and doing yoga on the wind turbine tower!!

Court of Appeal update

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Heathrow 3rd birthday

We’ve been told that we’ll hear the verdict from the Court of Appeal by the end of this month. 

Although we don’t know the exact date yet, some of us are planning to make a trip to court, while others will stay on site. In the evening we’ll all come together at Grow Heathrow to have a debrief around a nice meal.

It would be great to see some friendly faces on the day, so stay tuned for more info and the exact date!

Big love from the Grow Heathrow office – sun beds on the wind turbine tower!

Save Grow Heathrow!

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Residents and supporters of Grow Heathrow outside Central London County Court

Update: We’ve just found out we’re in the UK’s second-highest Court on Tuesday 15th, so join us at 9.30am on the Strand, London! Our legal team have confirmed that our case will be heard on Tuesday, not Wednesday.

We’ve lovingly painted giant papier-mache strawberres, chillis, cucumbers and tomatoes for our day trip to the Court of Appeal on the Strand in London.

Plus – if you are so wonderful that you come with us outside Court, we’ll have music and a bike-powered smoothie maker. I collected three crates of fresh bananas plus cranberries, clementines and lemons to make smoothies with – all waste food thrown away by wholesalers. If you’re feeling brave, you can even tuck into cherry tomato and cucumber smoothies – again, waste food that would have been driven to landfill by the globalised capitalist food system.

I’m delighted to confirm there’ll be speeches from a Grow Heathrow gardener, a local Sipson resident who’s an anti-third runway activist, and a supporter.

We’re asking supporters to come and join us at 9.30am for a very early harvest festival outside the Royal Courts of Justice – dress to impress and bring along your own giant colourful papier-mâché fruit and vegetables!

The appeal will take place at the Court of Appeal, Royal Courts of Justice on Tues 15 Jan.

The Royal Courts of Justice are located on the Strand. Click here to see a map.

This inspirational project has…improved this derelict site, lifted the morale of local community in the anti-third runway campaign and in planning a sustainable future.

John McDonnell, MP

I was incredibly impressed by the work and dedication of the squatters here. They’ve transformed a derelict wasteland into a productive and thriving community space … I don’t feel that sorry for the bloke who owns the property.

Richard Madeley, TV personality

See you there!!

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The Aviation Justice Express

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This October, UK organizers John Stewart and Dan Glass plan to cross the US, sharing the story of one of the biggest climate victories of the 2000s.

Aviation lobbyists had no idea what was in store as they plotted to massively expand London’s Heathrow airport, the busiest in Europe. Neighbors, climate activists, and fiscal conservatives teamed up to defend communities and fight back against the industry responsible for 13% of British CO2. The UK and the US fly more than any other countries in the world. The impacts of catastrophic climate change across the world are becoming more apparent. Aviation is responsible for 5% of the total human impact on the climate.  Airport neighbors face higher cancer rates and tremendous noise impacts

Flying in the U.S. now means radiation, gropings, and no-fly lists.  Aviation Justice organizers are working for a leaner, greener, more just aviation system, as well as better alternatives to an unsustainable system. 
But with a few days until Dan’s boat sets sail to America, the visa still does not lie on the doormat. Award winning environmental activist John Stewart says:

“We think this is an important tour where a diverse range of groups – academic institutions; environmental organizations; faith groups; citizens’ action groups – will discuss the future role of aviation in both the USA and the UK.  Dan Glass represents the critical interests of a younger generation of activists. We support his application for a visa to enter the United States and take part in the tour.”

To find out more about the tour and how to help get Dan into America check out the Aviation Justice Express website.

Reclaim the fields

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A call out to all community food growers, farmers, permaculturalists, land occupiers, seeds savers and swappers, those who want to RECLAIM FIELDS!

Its time to meet and share stories about all the exciting growing projects all over the UK, from those fresh and ready to sprout to projects already rooted in rural and urban communities.

Resistance is Fertile!

Reclaim the Fields is a constellation of people and collective projects willing to go back to the land and reassume the control over food production.

Determined to create alternatives to capitalism through cooperative, collective, autonomous, real needs oriented small scale production and initiatives, putting theory into practice and linking local practical action with global political struggles.

On Saturday 12th March 2011 Reclaim the Fields UK will launch itself into the unknown, beginning what they hope to be a fruitful collaboration of UK projects and people in solidarity over food sovereignty and common access to land. From fields far and wide, cities near and far, where muddy hands and feet are set on the ground, they are calling all those who are working the land for the common good.

Grow Heathrow is the host where everyone will spend the weekend getting to know each other and the various projects from across the country, take part in workshops and discussions (including access to land and land struggles) and share ideas to nurture a vision of what we can create here in the UK and Europe.

FRIDAY EVENING: from 5pm people arrive set up tents, dinner and fire

SAT FULLDAY: morning- presentations from various project. afternoon – discussions / workshops. evening – dinner, film, music, fire, talk

SUN MORNING: morning- optional practical session / more discussion / stay and help prepare the site for the european reclaim the fields assembly.

What to bring:

a tent (email if you need indoor sleeping space, this is available but limited)

Donations for food

seeds for a mass seed swap

Flyers, stories and info about growing projects in the UK.

It is essential that you book your place before the 6th March 2011 so that hey can get an idea of numbers to cater for.

There is no fee but donations will be asked for to cover food.


The reclaim the fields European assembly will begin on the Monday 14th at Grow Heathrow. Those who feel keen to be involved in organising for the RTF camp which will take place this summer are welcome to stay for the week, which will be working-group orientated, focusing largely on logistics for the RTF camp – a chance to get more involved in the reclaim the fields European network.

The following weekend all are welcome to join the P.E.D.A.L. weekend of workshops on storytelling, creative disobedience, legal, consensus decision making and the Occupation of Palestine. The event will be held on the 19th and 20th of March. P.E.D.A.L. starts their 100 day cycle to the West Bank on the 21st of March from Grow Heathrow.

For more information on Reclaim the Fields and the network visit www.reclaimthefields.org, for more information on Grow Heathrow check out the rest of our website and information on P.E.D.A.L can be found at http://sowestand.com/p-e-d-a-l-100-days-to-palestine/

We look forward to meeting you on the land

Environmental Justice website launch

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Welcome to The Environmental Justice Photo Project: http://environmental-justice.com/

Over the past year a movement has developed using creative and empowering methods to highlight the deep-seated reasons we need to take action today. The reality that climate change, poverty and pollution aren’t a mistake – fossil fuel industries and the politicians who turn a blind eye to their impacts rely on the unequal burden place on ourselves and our communities to uphold unequal power in the UK today.

So We Stand –  a people’s movement organising for empowering social change to develop multiracial politics and self defence strategies to better our lives and communities – are calling for individuals to listen to the voices, witness the images of how we are forced to live and watch the videos of different stories and then more importantly – stand up to take action.

From Heathrow to Grangemouth to Merhyr Tydfill this is just the start. Through this project we realise that we are not alone  in this fight. In order to tackle these growing problems we must join the dots between social and environmental problems. We have lived for too long while greed and addiction to profit has brutalised our way of life. Those days are long gone and we must fight for justice, a way of life free from poverty, climate change and pollution.