We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.

Grow Heathrow 4th Birthday Party

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* SAVE THE DATE: 4TH BIRTHDAY PARTY, Saturday 1st March  *

The past year has been filled with more growing, renewable energy, sustainable building, and much more. 2014 will see us in to our 4th Birthday celebration at Grow Heathrow… (Yes, get ready)

Saturday 1st March from 1pm at Grow Heathrow. Plus Pre-Birthday performance, ‘Three Acres and a Cow’ Land Rights Performance, Friday 28th February from 5pm at Grow Heathrow

We’re breaking last year’s record of over 100 pizzas in our wood-fired clay oven, with a bigger feast, more face painting, seed sowing, arts, more live music and of course the famous bike-powered sound system. Bring your friends and family, and come on down…

Plus, check out our legal update here and come down to site to check out some of our 2013 additions such as the finished straw bale house, artistic totem pole, the new gasifying wood burner and help us kick off our 5th year with a bang.

See you there!

More info and address/directions here:



Costume Making Crafternoons for Hayes Carnival, Sat 6th July

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Come to Grow Heathrow on Saturday 6th of July from 2pm – 6pm to make your very own costume for the Hayes Carnival procession.

Exploring ways to recycle textiles and clothes creatively, the theme of this year’s carnival is Hayes, past, present and future.

For more information email info@transitionheathrow.com or call 07890751568.

Recycled textiles @ Grow Heathrow

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Recycled Textiles Photo1

The sun shone gloriously on the meadow and on the creative beavers at the recycled textiles themed Crafternoons workshop last Saturday.

Locals and residents joined forces to revel in secondhand material, giving it a new lease of life in various mediums. Their woven masterpieces and fantastical fabric fairies now reside (for one month only!) in our new Crafternoons Exhibition Space, which is now open for all to enjoy.

Another free workshop brought to you by Grow Heathrow, don’t miss out on our next event, PRINTMAKING WITH LOU on Saturday 4th May at 2pm.


Recycled textiles crafternoon

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Join us at Grow Heathrow this Saturday for a free workshop exploring ways to recycle textiles creatively with Theresa and Steffie.

You’re welcome from 12 for the working group discussion, followed by lunch. From 1, learn how to weave rugs, patchwork, give old clothes and new lease of life and most excitingly make fabric fairies!

Crafternoons take place on the first Saturday of every month, and the next ones are print making (4 May) and mosaic reliefs (1 June).

Get crafty with Grow Heathrow

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On the first Saturday of every month, Grow Heathrow holds a variety of free art workshops. You are welcome to join us at 12 for the working group discussion, followed by lunch and the workshop, or come along at 1 for the workshop.

Here’s the timetable so far:

Saturday 6 April: Recycled textiles

Exploring ways to recycle textiles creatively with Theresa and Steffie, learn how to weave rugs, patchwork, give old clothes and new lease of life and most excitingly make fabric fairies!

Saturday 4 May: Printmaking

Exploring the use of natural and synthetic printmaking methods with Lou, including: hapa-zome Japanese natural printing, mon-printing, lino and collograph, exploring nature as inspiration.

Saturday 1 June: Mosiac reliefs

Recycled mosiac reliefs with Brenda, a workshop using bric a brac, bottle tops and broken tiles, inspired by Stephen Wright who creates bright, vivid image reliefs out of disused, unwanted materials. Come along with your bric a brac and turn it into a beautiful relief for your house or garden!

All ages and abilities welcome! For more information, call 07890751568 or send us an email at info@transitionheathrow.com.

Art at the Com Cafe with Grow Heathrow

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Grow Heathrow have teamed up with the brilliant local community Com.Cafe to bring you three arts and crafts sessions in the run up to christmas.

‘Crafternoons’ will now be taking place at the Com.Cafe on the following dates: Wednesday 14th Nov, Wed 28th November & Wed 19th December (not 12th December – INCORRECT on poster). See poster above for more information.

Where: The ComCafe, UB7 9JD

Cost: FREE (Contact: david.graham@groundwork.org.uk)

Free workshop at revamped Grow Heathrow Art space

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Revamped art space

After being awarded £200 for Community Engagement work, local child Olivia Howard, age 13, has donated her winnings to the Grow Heathrow community art space, stocking it up with materials and resulting in the art space re-vamp.

So now the art space needs you! Whether your in a group or by yourself, if you have an idea or want inspiration, please come round for a cup of tea and get painting, sketching, sowing and creating. CRAFTERNOONS will now run every Wednesday Afternoon from 3.30-6PM and this week we will be making lanterns and lampshades.

If you can’t make Wednesdays, you can come any other afternoon and get on with your own project, as the space is always open. Directions to Grow Heathrow can be found here: http://www.transitionheathrow.com/directions/

Art space before

Grow Heathrow Drama Residency – ‘Heathrow in Transition’!

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As part of Hillingdon Arts Week, Grow Heathrow held a performance residency; ‘Kaleidoscope – Heathrow in Transition’. The residency brought together a group of eclectic, creative individuals to collaborate in producing a forum theatre piece that highlighted the concept of peak oil, the values of Grow Heathrow and the Transition Towns movement.

We started off with concept development. This entailed taking ideas such as Peak oil, waste, Transition and community, and translating them into a script and visual performance. We wanted to get people’s attention as well as help them to question modern living habits. At the same time we were also integrating the ‘forum theatre’ model, as well as a musical back drop.

By day 3 we were moving on to the visual stage, with people from all sorts of different theatrical and performance backgrounds joining us. We then started to interpret what we had already put down in the conceptual stage to develop it theatrically. It was wonderful to see how different people responded to different themes. Each time someone came and worked on the project, it ripened the piece, until a fully formed forum theatre production emerged.

We managed to create a complete piece of forum theatre with a full cast, script, props and music in a matter of days, whilst mixing many artistic disciplines. We performed at a community fete and in the community centre centre, where we got audiences to participate in a full throttle debate about what they had seen. This included thoughts about advertising, farming, stress, wonky veg shops and more! Initiating debates and discussions like these has helped the local community ‘hear each other out’. And in the words of Audre Lorde: “Without community, there is no liberation.”

The performance was filmed and will be out soon – watch this space!


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Transition Heathrow invite you to our free Arts and Crafts workshop running every Tuesday afternoon from 2-5pm at the Grow Heathrow community site – Vineries Close, Sipson, UB7 0JG

The next 3 weeks see:

Tuesday 15th – Kite Making – creating our own home-made kites that we can then go out and fly together

Tuesday 22nd – Fence weaving – with a fence as our canvas, we will use recycled materials such as plastic bags, fabric and wool, to create a patchwork fence.

Tuesday 29th – Clay modelling – using clay we have dug from the ground ourselves, we will explore this medium to make whatever we want.

Come and join the fun – kids and adults welcome – please spread the word.

‘Lifting the veil’

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We started the week-long residency, ‘Resistance is Beautiful’ at Grow Heathrow, with an introduction to a site I’ve heard a lot about, and through various activist networks have met many of those who live there. After a series of procrastinated opportunities I decided this was the perfect opportunity to visit.

What is resistance? That is where we started. To some it is the standing in opposition, to the others it is the proactive search and enaction of alternative realities. I err towards the first as my definition of resistance, and in my own work call the latter ‘imagineering’. Grow Heathrow is a site of resistance and imagineering – and embodies different meanings to different people – visitors and residents.

As the week progressed towards an ‘exhibition/show’ on the Saturday, efforts were made towards pulling together some collaborative work. My thoughts began with the idea of ‘The Great Eviction Game’ – a playful enaction of the potential eviction that could happen later this year in which the evictors are only allowed to evict the residents if they win a game that is played out on site, by the site’s rules. Taking the format of a ‘wide game’, i.e. different tasks to be completed at various stations – teams are not necessarily in competition, rather, the aim is for all to have an educational experience in which they are given an opportunity to embody the ethos of the site through shared activity.

After spending some time developing this idea, I decided it focused on an eventuality that did not need to be evoked at this point in time. I still think it would be a challenging and engaging way to approach police if/when they come to the gate – to challenge them to a game, immediately taking on the eviction in the site’s own terms – when the police refuse to play, it is they who first break the rules. After hearing about others’ ideas I couldn’t see a place for me to take part in them – partly due to lack of experience/skill/interest, and partly because I needed to leave site for the entire day preceding the show and so wouldn’t be able to help in any way with their development at a key point.

I started to think about my own relationship with the site – how was I engaging with it. I felt very at home in Grow Heathrow, largely because I could see the similarities between life there and my own, very outdoors-focused life on a boat. I began with the notion that we should do nothing on the Saturday, simply allow visitors to observe the site ‘in action’ and make some effort to ensuring that they feel able to ask questions/enter into discussion – potentially through shared food or participatory tasks. This idea was then challenged by another member of the group, with what I felt was a valid opposition – people are only coming to the site in the hope of seeing/doing something. To do nothing would be to disappoint, and could potentially be harmful. Not doing anything wasn’t avoiding the performative, as the ‘audience’ had already been invited and so performance was intrinsic to the day.

Given the limited time available, I spent most of the days thinking about how to make visible the life aesthetic and opted to do it through objects – offering insight into the operations and history of the site through its material objects – telling the stories of these objects through explanation and anecdote, integrating the ‘explanatory signs’ into the fabric of the object. This in turn, I hope allowed the viewer to interact with the object, and therefore the site and its workings, in a deeper way.

I made five signs as part of the project I’d call ‘lifting the veil’: On a piece of sheet music I stuck to the piano I wrote the notes ‘A’ and ‘E’ which on the site’s piano were linked to the adjoining hammers. Between staves I then wrote ‘play these notes…” when you hold down one thing you also hold down the adjoining” Augie March – and something also on dissonance and resistance. On a T-shirt in the free shop I wrote about the idea of a free shop being more than discarding unwanted items and picking up freebies, but as its potential to be a tool in helping us imagine futures without monetary transactions forming the basis of everything we do. On plant pot signs I wrote about the radical nature of growing our own food. On the inside of an inner tube situated within a car tyre I wrote of the multi-function of car tyres, as plant pots, barricades, etc. and this link to permaculture. On a postcard I hung up in the main living area, I mentioned how the postcards, pictures and posters hung up in that area are not just memories and histories, but also locate the site within the wider activist movement.

In terms of my experience working collaboratively – I felt as though I’d come to the residency expecting a greater focus on radical politics and activism and their link-up with the creative arts. At first I was disappointed that this was not the focus, however, I did gain a lot from working with artists who have a defined and developed artistic practice. In reflection, I also see that what I gained was the lived experience of merging radical politics and creativity by living in Grow Heathrow whilst having a creative practice.

I also now feel as though I can’t claim credit for ‘lifting the veil’ as it only came out of discussions with the group, around the fire, whilst working, washing-up and cooking – and in discussing their own projects. And so in that way, ‘lifting the veil’, like so many projects, is made up of collaborative and communal experience – it is just my own interpretation made manifest.

Guest post written by Will who took part in the Grow Heathrow arts residency