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No New Runways: events coming up

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Saturday, 12th September Bloomsbury Baptist Church, London 2pm. No New Runways: People fighting airport expansion are often branded NIMBYS by those who want more runways but the damage caused by such developments goes beyond the local areas. This event is focused on climate change. I’ve no doubt we will all learn something from this event.  Not just about the impact of aviation on climate change but also about what can be done.  Christine Taylor of SHE is scheduled to open the event with speakers including Dr Alice Bows-Larkin (Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research); Keith Taylor MEP; Brendon Sewill (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign); Leo Murray (A Free Ride); Greenpeace; Asad Rehman (Friends of the Earth).  Details and bookings at http://www.segreens.com/no_new_runways or go to the Facebook page: No New Runways.

Saturday, 19th September A national gathering of groups and individuals will be meeting up at Heathrow Primary School to look at ways to fight Heathrow expansion.  Wherever you live, if you are likely to be impacted by a third runway this is your chance to have a say in how the campaign moves forward. A whole range of topics will be under discussion so there should be chance to ensure your voice is heard on your biggest concerns. The official time is 10am-4.30pm but we understand the organisers are still looking at the best way to incorporate a trip into Harmondsworth, one of the villages that would be destroyed, where an open house event is taking place.  Initial details are below with more to follow.  Please circulate the news of this event widely so that as many people as possible can book a place to take part.

Saturday, 10th October (provisional date) National Rally against a Third Runway is expected to take-place in Parliament Square with big-name speakers. This is one not to be missed.  We will give you more details when we have them.

BAA: hands off the Heathrow villages

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Here is a letter we sent off to all the local newspapers this week: The message is clear. BAA lost all the arguments on Heathrow expansion a long time ago and their latest desperate attempt to get a third runway is laughable to say the least. Local residents and environmental campaigners are tired of repeating the same old arguments that resulted in the plans being scrapped two years ago but we have to remember why we won.

Locally a third runway at Heathrow would mean 700 homes completely demolished with thousands more peoples livelihoods wrecked, the excellent Heathrow Primary School would be tarmacked and hundreds of dead bodies at Cherry Lane Cemetery would be dug up to make way for a new motorway. The whole of West London would be blighted by the extra noise and air pollution and then you have the massive impacts on climate change and the environment – a third runway alone would result in 220,000 extra flights a year, in emission terms equivalent to Kenya’s yearly emissions output.

Last week, thirty people gathered outside the gate of ‘Grow Heathrow’; our squatted community garden site which was originally occupied as part of the No 3rd runway campaign, as a show of solidarity with everyone who would be affected by a 3rd runway. A banner was held up which read: “Return of the killer runway. You resurrect it. We will bury it. Again.”  This is a threat which we believe thousands of activists all over the country and all over the world will keep should the 3rd runway ever come back on the table.