We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.

You can reach the press team at press@transitionheathrow.com or 07890751568.

Blake Lapthorn Solicitors

Squatting on privately-owned land: are human rights engaged?

25 September 2013 by Gibbs, Penni

Langleys Solicitors

Growing Squatters’ Rights?

2 September 2013

The Thrifty London Guide

Hundreds of free things to see and do in London.

By Lynn Culver, published 15 Aug 2013. ISBN 1492171387

Mondaq/Nabarro LLP

Court Of Appeal Decision In The “Grow Heathrow” Case Leaves Uncertainty For Private Landowners

18 July 2013 by Gamble, Edward

Rollits Law Firm

Court of Appeal Rejects Squatters Human Rights Claim

11 July 2013 by Drinkall, Chris

Coffin Mew

Malik -v- Fassenfelt and ors

July 2013 by Wood, Steven

Landlords Guild

Article 8 Proportionality and Private Landlords Possession

9 July 2013

UK Human Rights Blog

Guerilla gardening in unlawfully occupied property did not give rise to Article 8 rights

8 July 2013 by English, Rosalind



7 July 2013 by Peaker, Giles

Evening Standard

Squatters who deserve to stay

5 July 2013

Daily mail

Squatters evicted from land where they were living despite having support of neighbours and judge saying they were ‘not all bad’

4 July 2013


‘We’re not going anywhere’ say Heathrow squatters after appeal loss

3 July 2013 by Tolhurst, Alain

The Telegraph

Englishman’s home no longer his castle, says senior judge

3 July 2013

BBC News

Grow Heathrow: Campaigners rejected by Court of Appeal

3 July 2013


Court of Appeal rules against Heathrow squatters

3 July 2013


Landmark Appeal Case decision – Squatting & Human Rights

3 July 2013

Uxbridge Gazette

Grow Heathrow loses court fight and fears bailiffs imminent

3 July 2013

Uxbridge Gazette

Court of Appeal decision on Grow Heathrow eviction due

28 June 2013

Huffington Post

The British Government Has Shown No Desire to Protect Us From an Impending Climate Catastrophe

5 June 2013

Heathrow Villager

Runway squatters slam MPs’ transport committee (17.05.03, third file)

17 May 2013

LSE Review of Books

Book Review: Cities, Nature and Development: The Politics and Production of Urban Vulnerabilities

7 March 2013

Uxbridge Gazette

Grow Heathrow celebrate birthday, await eviction ruling

5 March 2013

Red Pepper

Resistance is fertile over third runway

January 2013

The Telegraph

Heathrow squatters claim moving them on would violate right to a family life

The Telegraph’s hilariously sceptical opening line says we “claim” to have a market garden!

15 January 2013

Uxbridge Gazette

Grow Heathrow campaigners fight eviction at High Court

15 January 2013

New Internationalist

‘Grow Heathrow’ could change housing law

15 January 2013

Seth Lovis Solicitors

How the Grow Heathrow Case Will Affect Private Landlords

21 December 2013

Solicitors Journal

Property Focus | Invoking article 8 for squatters in commercial properties

13 December 2013 by McCormick, Lucy

The Guardian

‘Squatters are not home stealers’

4th December 2012

Inside Housing

Runway rebellion

16th November 2012

London Independent Photography

Grow Heathrow: Using reclaimed and recycled materials, the Grow Heathrow residents have transformed the site into a comfortable home where they create renewable energy and grow their own vegetables

November 2012

Law Society Gazette

Appeal to test article eight right over private property

19th July 2012

The Guardian

Heathrow squatters ruling ‘could change housing law’

Uxbridge Gazette

Grow Heathrow to appeal after losing eviction battle

18th July 2012

BBC News

Grow Heathrow: Green-fingererd squatters’ eviction fight

18th June 2012

BBC London News

Heathrow squatters fight eviction plans

15th June 2012

Uxbridge Gazette

Grow Heathrow members wait to hear eviction fate

11th June 2012

Kitchen Garden Magazine

Urban Agriculture, Part Four, London

10th April 2012

Open Democracy

The fight to save squatting (and it’s odd bedfellows)

20th March 2012

The Guardian, Gardening Blog

Diary of a window box garden: The urban grower as activist

2nd February 2012

Daily Mail

Royal wedding arrests: 20 detained win right to challenge Police operation

11th November 2011

New York Times

British Squatters Rejuvenate an Abandoned site near Heathrow Airport

Making Empty Homes Less Inviting to the Uninvited

5th October 2011

HUCK magazine

Gimme shelter

5th September 2011

The Huffington Post

Plans to criminalise squatting: hurting the homeless or protecting homeowners?

21st August 2011

Open Democracy

Squatters in Britain: vulnerable, demonised, and soon to be criminalised?

22 July 2011

The Ecologist

Tools of resistance: the insiders guide to grassroots direct action

6th July 2011

Heathrow Skyport

Environmental campaigners gather at Grow Heathrow gardens

14th June 2011

The Guardian

Anarchists have civil liberties too

2nd May 2011

Transition Heathrow compared with Tarnac community in France.

ITV London Tonight

Royal wedding raids

28th April 2011

BBC News

‘Squat raids’ ahead of royal wedding ‘disproportionate’

28th April 2011

New Internationalist

Squatageddon – Cops raid UK social centres

28th April 2011

Uxbridge Gazette

MP slams police after 40 officers fruitlessly raid vegetable garden

28th April 2011

The Guardian

Police raid five squats before royal wedding

28th April 2011

The Ecologist

Reclaim the fields: a fight for the landless generation

28th March 2011

Grow Heathrow mentioned again as playing host to the UK Reclaim the fields gathering. Paragraphs two and three.

The Guardian

Lets rediscover the spirit of the diggers

12th March 2011

Grow Heathrow mentioned in the Guardian as the host to the reclaim the fields gathering.

New Internationalist

Where now for direct action on climate change?

8th March 2011

Dave Cullen from Manchester Plane Stupid mentions Transition Heathrow as an example of a self-reliant resilient community.

Dissident Island Radio

Reclaim the Fields at Grow Heathrow

March 7th 2011

The Ecologist

Heathrow Transition activists celebrate one year stay at community garden

March 3rd 2011

Uxbridge Gazette

Green activists celebrate Sipson market garden birthday

March 2nd 2011

Dissident Island Radio

Grow Heathrow Eviction Reprieved

September 3rd 2010

Lily from Transition Heathrow talks to Chickpea from Dissident Island Radio about what’s happening at Grow Heathrow, the outcome of the court case, and what the future could hold.

Uxbridge Gazette

“Grow Heathrow” activists live to fight another day

September 2nd 2010

West Drayton Gazette

Sipson activists threatened with eviction

September 1st 2010

The Heathrow Villager

Grow Heathrow Site Visit in Sipson

July 10th 2010

On March 1st 2010 community activists from Transition Heathrow swooped on an abandoned market garden site in Sipson. 4 months on and the site has been transformed from a derelict mess into a beacon of community strength and a great example of how to live sustainably on this planet. 30 tons of rubbish has gone, the greenhouse windows have been replaced, plants and vegetabales are growing, kitchens and compost toilets have been built, workshops have been held and locals are paying regular visits and donating anything and everything.

On Sunday July 18th from 3-6pm, everyone in the local community is invited to come and visit the site to find out who we are and what we are doing with the piece of land. There will be guided tours, talks and lots of tea and cake. This will be the perfect chance for locals to get an idea of who Transition Heathrow are but also to voice any of your own ideas for what the land could be used for. The site address is Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton, UB7 0JG and for directions you can check our website at www.transitionheathrow.com

Hillingdon & Uxbridge Times

Market Garden Open Day in Sipson

July 7th 2010

Hillingdon Times

No Third Runway campaigners defend community

March 1st 2010

Morning Star

Climate Mayday

Feb 20th 2010

Comments from Joe on Transition Heathrow:

An earnest and conscientious young man, Joe has built his life around his activism. Last year he moved into a house in Heathrow to set up Transition Heathrow, a community-based project working with local residents to fight the expansion of Britain’s largest airport.

The group aims to “create a more sustainable Heathrow through empowering the local community to build their own solutions to climate change,” he explains.

What does he make of the Conservatives’ pledge to scrap the third runway at Heathrow if they win the general election?

He is sceptical. “Who is to say in two or three years time that they won’t go back on their word?”

In addition he highlights how “the Tories are promising to drop the third runway, which is getting all the public attention, but at the same time they are planning to expand about 20 regional airports around the country.”

The Independent

War at Home: The local eco-warriors making a big noise

Feb 14th 2010

Shivering atop a power-station chimney certainly makes a dramatic eco statement. But is direct action the best way to combat global warming? Robin Barton meets the climate-change campaigners who like ‘big and bold’ and the green communities who prefer ‘slow and steady’

Comments from Joe on Transition Heathrow:

Both strands meet in the form of 19-year-old Joe  and his six fellow Plane Stupid activists, who recently launched Transition Heathrow, and are bringing direct-action training to Sipson in preparation for a planning application due to be lodged by BAA later this year. “I have given up on governments taking the action which we need to see. I feel that empowering communities to create their own solutions to tackling climate change, directly controlled by those impacted on the ground, is much more important than trying to lobby the Government.”

Uxbridge Gazette

Sipson Twinned With Manchester Village

February 9th 2010

Heathrow Villager

Sipson Residents twinning with Manchester

February 6th 2010

Residents who live in the area threatened by the construction of BAA’s 3rd runway at Heathrow, will attend an event on the 7th Feb- ruary where they will be ‘twinned’ with the threatened homes of Hasty Lane, at the edge of Manchester Airport. Campaigners opposed to the expansion of Manchester Airport’ s freight terminal, which will demolish homes and a large section of the historic Hasty Lane, will organise a live video link-up with the village of Sipson, which will be demolished if Heathrow Airport is given the green light to build a third runway.

The ‘twinning’ of these two communities is a statement of solidarity against the unnecessary expansion of aviation. The afternoon event will also see local campaigners ‘adopt’ a local Hasty Lane resident, copying the previously launched model at Heathrow, and pledge to stand with them in resisting the demolition of their historic homes and acres of greenbelt land. The afternoon will start with an introduction to the campaign so far and the situation the residents find them- selves in. Residents will then unveil a sign stating “ Sipson Village – twinned with Hasty Lane , next to Manchester airport. Both Places threatened with demolition due to wreckless airport expansion. Both Places fighting back”

Finally the twinning ceremony will be conducted in conjunction with Sipson via the live video link up. Hasty Lane resident Peter Johnson said: “Together with Sipson residents, we are going to fight these irresponsible and unnecessary plans. Our local councillors all opposed the plans, but they were overruled. The council has let us down, but we’ re not going to give up that easily.”

Sipson resident Tracy Howard, 35, who made the trip up north for the twinning event said: “The story of Hasty lane is a way too familiar story to ours. Local communities suffering from a big airport that is destroying our homes, our health and the climate. If a 3rd runway at Heathrow is built I face losing my home, my job and my grandmother’s grave will be dug up. This is why I have been adopted by a Plane Stupid activist as there direct action tactics could be all we have left.”

Hounslow Chronicle

Protesters offer activist training

January 20th 2010

Also see various articles from Transition Free Press and the Uxbridge Gazette