We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.


3 day trial – 3-5th April 2017

Lewdown Holdings, the owners of the ‘backlands’ are taking us to Central London County Court on the Strand, for a 3 day trial.

28th February 2012

Just heard from our lawyer today that our next court date has been fixed for June 18th & 19th at Central London County Court.

Put the date in your diaries. We will be putting out lots more information nearer the time. Please use and follow #DefendGrowHrow on twitter for updates. Thanks for your continued support.

17th November 2o11

Court case adjourned again. The judge took into account our human rights arguments and adjourned the case to the higher authority of Central London County Court where a two day hearing will take place in a few months time. This means we’re here at least until the new year!

After months of negotiations the landowner decided to take us to court and try to remove the community project. John McDonnell MP came to court to speak as a witness to highlight the benefits the project provides as a community resource and how he is strongly against any possible future eviction. However he wasn’t even called upon to speak as the judge made his ruling after only an hour and half.

Speaking outside court Grow Heathrow member Rachel Greene said:

“This ruling today is unheard of for squatting cases. It shows the importance of community spaces as the government violently cuts public services and criminalises squatting. In Sipson we will keep fighting to put derelict spaces back into use to the benefit of community life.”

21st October 2011 – Update

With less than a month now until court (November 17th) statements of support have been starting to come in including an amazing statement from Charlotte Baldwin who works for the council and John Sauven – the Executive Director of Greenpeace. A full list of statements can be found here. As well as the statements over 100 people have signed our petition in the last 2 days and people have started donating us money. We are extremely grateful for all the support. Thankyou! On Monday we will be announcing a public meeting for people in the local area to be held on November 9th at Sipson Community Centre.

8th September 2011

It’s that time again. The owners of our squatted community garden project ‘Grow Heathrow’ still want us to leave. We have tried negotiating to come to some agreement but they will now only let us speak to their lawyers. They have no plans for the land apart from dodgy car dealings including car scrapping and contamination of agricultural land. We are due in court on the 17th November at Uxbridge County Court in Hayes. Please get in contact with info@transitionheathrow.com if your interested in lending your support both before this date and after. And if you can make it down to the court on the 17th that would be much appreciated so we can show the full support of this project. The address can be found HERE.

23rd January 2011

New court papers arrived yesterday morning revealing our next court date. November of this year, a whole 10 months away. Amazing news for the community and for the project! Read all about it HERE

AMBER ALERT: 21st December 2010

About 2 weeks ago we received new papers from Uxbridge County Court stating that the owners and ourselves need to try and negotiate terms outside of court. Both parties were given a questionnaire to fill out stating how willing to negotiate we are. We ticked all the boxes, the owners crossed all the boxes. As of yet, we’re not really sure what this means. Keep checking for updates for as and when things change.

AMBER ALERT: 12th November 2010

We have received more news from the Central London County Court. The case has now been referred back to the Uxbridge County Court – the Court we visited in the first place. Central London County court is known for being really disorganised and so now that the case has been referred back to Uxbridge we are expecting either another court date or a ruling soon. Potentially we could only be given 3 days notice which is why we are on Amber alert! Tripods are up, be prepared for RED alert.

AMBER ALERT: 8th October 2010

We can now confirm that the owners of the land have submitted their statement into the courts – this being the statement responding to our defence which was presented in court. The case has been to the judge at the Central London County Court and any possession order or summons to court should be received in the next couple of days. It could soon be all hands on deck so keep watching this space for any news and up to date information.

2nd September 2010

Winning the first step

We celebrated today following the adjournment of the court case that was seeking to evict us. The case has now been adjourned to the Central London County Court after the Deputy District Judge ruled that higher authority was needed to rule on the case. Keep watching this space for updates and for details as to when we’re next it court.

Speaking outside court Transition Heathrow member Jo Rake, 21, said:

“We are celebrating todays ruling as a step towards rebuilding the Heathrow communities that were blighted for so long by the threat of airport expansion. The number of people who turned up at court today, from local residents to airport workers and activists, showed the importance of this project for the Heathrow communities, and also the wider campaign for food security. David Cameron talks about building a ‘big society’, we’re already doing it”.

Local MP John McDonnell said:

“This inspirational project has not only dramatically improved this derelict site but it has lifted the morale of the whole local community in the campaign against the third runway and in planning a sustainable future for our area. We cannot lose this inititiave and I will do all I can to enable it to continue.”

There is still work to be done so for now please do either:

  1. Sign the petition for court – http://www.petitiononline.com/heathrow/petition.html

  2. Send a supportive testimony to info@transitionheathrow.com or to Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton, UB7 0JH (Full list of statements so far found at www.transitionheathrow.com/statements)