We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.

Media training

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We recently had some media training and wanted to share some of the resources we used. Speaking out, sometimes through the press, can’t be left to a professional elite. People need to hear the truth of your story and experiences.

There’s a really well written 10-step guide to a hard-hitting action media team.

And also suggestions for Grow Heathrow’s key messages and statistics: pdf file to view and odt file to edit. These are not official or agreed by the group, but hopefully a useful tool to consider in the workshop.

Transition Heathrow on Hayes FM

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We have a bit of exciting news for you. On Thursday we’re beginning our new show live on local West London radio station Hayes FM

On every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 1pm-3pm we bring you, live on air, ‘The Transition Heathrow show’. There will be a bit of talk, updates on whats happening with the Transition Heathrow project alongside funky tunes. You can tune in on 91.8 FM or online via the Hayes FM website.

Pig Business – Film Screening on Thursday 28th November

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 The nights are drawing in, evenings are getting colder, so why not snuggle up in front of the fire with a cup of tea and join us for a film screening in our off-grid cinema? Come and join us on the 28th November for dinner at 6.30pm and a film screening at 7pm with a short discussion afterwards.

In support of Farms not Factories we will be screening Pig Business, an investigative documentary into the corporate takeover of pig farming and the devastating impacts this is having on our environment, local communities, small farmers, human health and animal welfare. This factory pig farming system operates where labour is cheapest, animal welfare and environmental standards lowest and subsidies highest. The resulting profits line the pockets of just a handful of massive corporations and their powerful lobbyists.

Farms not Factories is a campaigning organisation exposing the true cost of cheap meat created by the global phenomenon of factory farming. As part of the world-wide food sovereignty movement they are fighting irresponsible unsustainable animal farming practices and promoting small scale high welfare pig farming. This screening is being shown as part of Farms not Factories global outreach campaign bringing the topic of food production to the table.

Come and find out how to be part of the solution. Love from the greenhouses.

Save our Common Land!

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poster protest


A piece of common land is set to be developed on, which could set a widespread dangerous precedent. Please come and show support to help save Botwell Common and help protect our green belt land across the country.

A public protest has been planned on Saturday 2nd of November at 12 noon. The meeting point is at the bandstand in Hayes Town centre, next to Botwell Common.

Hillingdon Council, despite widespread opposition, submitted a plan to build a new school on Lake Farm Country Park (Botwell Common), which was approved at a stormy meeting at the council’s planning committee on 5 March 2013.

The council’s justification for building a new school comes from projected estimates of pupil numbers for the next few years. There are three other schools nearby which may be able to increase capacity to handle the expected rise. A former alternative site for a new school (a decommissioned swimming pool) was developed as housing.

John Mcdonnell, MP for Hayes & Harlington is urging people to come together in this crucial time. Resistance to the development of greenbelt land is supported by groups such as ‘Friends of Lake Farm’ and ‘Transition Heathrow’.

See you all at Hayes bandstand, on Saturday 2nd of November at 12 noon.

The fight goes on…

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Residents and supporters of Grow Heathrow outside Central London County Court

Update on the Court of Appeal verdict:

The judges failed to reach a unanimous decision on the case but by majority, our appeal was dismissed and permission was granted for the owners to seek a warrant for an eviction.

On the plus side, one of the judges found that squatters as well as tenants are entitled to respect for their home under article 8 of The European Convention on Human Rights and that the court should consider the individual circumstances of those affected when deciding how soon to make an eviction.

We are now working with our lawyers on a further appeal to the Supreme Court to define the arguments about whether article 8 is relavent to private land owners.

In the meantime, there is a low risk of imminent eviction and we’re asking for support on site over the next few weeks. Come along today for dinner and help us make plans for securing our future.

See here for directions to site. If you plan to stay the night, please bring a sleeping bag and tent if you can.

Grow Heathrow campaigner Joe Rake said:

“We think it’s important to challenge a law that protects the right of irresponsible landlords to trash the heart of a community.  We are still following up options to appeal to the Supreme court and hope we can come to an agreement so that we can carry on working with the local resident’s association and our MP to make sure ‘Grow Heathrow’ exists as a community resource in the long-term.”

Sipson resident Tracey Howard commented:

“At a time when harsh austerity cuts are effecting people across the country, ‘Grow Heathrow’ is a great example of what can be done when a community takes back control of its land to meet its own needs.

Spread the word and thanks for your support!

Grow Heathrow on Catch 21

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“You really need to come down here – I’m in absolute awe of the place. It’s truly inspirational.” Stop, I’m blushing! That’s not a bad final piece to camera from the presenter Antonio Castaldo, when Grow Heathrow featured on the cutting edge video channel Catch 21.

Reshuffle has “u-turn” written all over it

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Like the steady roar of planes coming in to land over West London, the aviation industry keeps droning on about expanding London’s airports. Last week’s reshuffle shows Cameron and Osborne are listening to them too.

Justine Greening and Theresa Villiers, two Ministers with whose opposition to the third runway was well known, have found themselves shunted out of the Transport Department. A Number 10 official sniggered that Greening would “have plenty of time to think about runways as her flight to the next developing country circles the airport yet again.” (Which doesn’t even make sense, because why would a plane flying to a developing country be circling at Heathrow? Unless Cameron thinks the UK is a developing country? Anyway, I digress.)

Cameron and Osborne have established an inquiry to look into “the scale and timing of any requirement for additional capacity to maintain the UK’s position as Europe’s most important aviation hub”. Lest this loaded question prove anything other than a licence to lay tarmac, they asked the former head of the Confederation of British Industry, Howard Davies, to oversee it. Davies was once a special adviser to the climate change denier Lord Lawson. He had to leave the LSE after he was busted for nodding through some chunky donations from Gaddafi’s son. Davies won’t decide to build a third runway until 2015, which means all three parties get to run on a “no third runway unless the commission tells us to build it” platform at the next election.

Residents needn’t worry though, because Boris Johnson is on the case. He’s set up a rival inquiry, proving that the invisible hand of the free market will ensure competition. The Mayor’s inquiry will report in 2013 and, like the government’s commission, will conclude that we need lots of more runway space, because that’s what it is being asked to do. Given that no one is going to build a runway in the Thames Estuary – his preferred solution – Boris gets to oppose the third runway while making it ever more likely that Sipson and Harmondsworth will be buried under tarmac.

None of this means that the third runway will be built, of course. The strongest argument against it isn’t climate change, it’s that the damned thing has no purpose. There is bags of spare capacity at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, which is why Virgin Atlantic was able to offer new routes between London and Manchester days after losing its West Coast train franchise. Using all that spare capacity would be stupid, of course, because flying causes climate change, makes loads of noise and pollutes the air we breathe. But let’s not forget it’s there.

This blog post was taken from the Plane Stupid website

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors represents Grow Heathrow

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Good news on the court case front. Grow Heathrow now has one of the best legal firms in the country representing us in what is described as a “ground-breaking case” on the Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors website.

Assisting Lindsay Johnson of Doughty Street Chambers who has put in a tireless amount of work and effort on the case so far off his own back, Jayesh Kunwardia, partner  in the Housing team at Hodge Jones & Allen and who specialises in Housing Law said:

“This is a ground breaking case which will define whether every single possession claim in relation to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or on a mandatory ground for possession will require a proportionality assessment.”

Although the owner’s possession claim has been accepted, Grow Heathrow, whose case was heard at the Central London County Court on 18th July, has been granted a stay of eviction and leave to appeal under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act by Judge Karen Walden-Smith, which guarantees the right to a home and family life. Walden-Smith stated that “the Supreme Court has so far shied away from reaching a determination as to whether Article 8 applies to private as well as public landlords”.

More information on the case can be found on The Guardian website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/jul/18/heathrow-squatters-ruling-housing-law

Grow Heathrow virtual tour

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Learn and take a virtual tour of Grow Heathrow on a new website which has been set up by student journalist Gengmiao Guo who was following Transition Heathrow round for a few weeks in July.

Theres tours, plays, interviews and footage from outside our most recent court case.  Take a look for yourself here: http://www.analternativehome.com/

BBC London report on Grow Heathrow court case

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Photo taken today. 17/06/2012

One day to go until court. We’re ready to go. Here’s our video which appeared on the BBC London News last week: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-18458210

Follow @transheathrow for live updates from court. Decision expected Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for all the amazing support. Hope to see lots of people tomorrow morning, 9.30am outside the court. Directions and address HERE