We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.


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In addition to our weekly Growing Sunday and Community Workday Thursdays, we now have Workshop Week on the third weekend of every month and week lead up. Come down and join us for:

Foraging Friday (Friday of 3rd weekend of month)

Bike Workshop (Third Saturday of the month)

Introduction to growing workshop (Third Sunday of the month – now fully booked)

See EVENTS page for exact dates and CONTACT page to RSVP

Foraging Friday


Come and find out about what’s growing all around us and how we can use it in our daily lives. Elderflower fritters, spring green salads, scrumping apples….

All ages and experiences welcome!


Please phone Rose or Sam on to RSVP 07890751568

Bike workshop

Bikes in the bikes space

Learning together how to repair and maintain your bikes with tools and friendly support.

All ages and experience welcome



*workshops are donations based




Foraging and Games with the Com.Cafe

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Last week the local community cafe, ‘Com.cafe’ came to Grow Heathrow for a fun day out.

There were games, foraging leaves, arts, music, lots of muddy shoes and learning lots of new things.

Have a look at the pictures and watch this space for future events

image_8 image image_15 image_19

Pig Business – Film Screening on Thursday 28th November

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 The nights are drawing in, evenings are getting colder, so why not snuggle up in front of the fire with a cup of tea and join us for a film screening in our off-grid cinema? Come and join us on the 28th November for dinner at 6.30pm and a film screening at 7pm with a short discussion afterwards.

In support of Farms not Factories we will be screening Pig Business, an investigative documentary into the corporate takeover of pig farming and the devastating impacts this is having on our environment, local communities, small farmers, human health and animal welfare. This factory pig farming system operates where labour is cheapest, animal welfare and environmental standards lowest and subsidies highest. The resulting profits line the pockets of just a handful of massive corporations and their powerful lobbyists.

Farms not Factories is a campaigning organisation exposing the true cost of cheap meat created by the global phenomenon of factory farming. As part of the world-wide food sovereignty movement they are fighting irresponsible unsustainable animal farming practices and promoting small scale high welfare pig farming. This screening is being shown as part of Farms not Factories global outreach campaign bringing the topic of food production to the table.

Come and find out how to be part of the solution. Love from the greenhouses.

Want to learn about Geodomes?

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Come and help build a 17 foot (5.1816m)! Geodome at Grow Heathrow. The workshop will run for a week from Friday 6th Dec.

We’ll be using a unique design that innovates the geodome structure for ease of assembly. This design incorporates a new star connection method that enables just one person to construct. Laying out the cover over the stars means that the cover will be already in place as the geodome is erected.  Possibly included in the course will be waterproof seam sewing techniques and dome canvas sewing if we have time. The course will be limited in numbers to 4 persons each day so please email in advance to let us know your availability and interest so we can maximise participants.

Geodomes are based on triangular geometry and were popularised by Buckmeister Fuller. They are predominantly used for earthquake relief due to their intrinsic strength at intersecting joints, this makes it an ideal solution for earthships, which this model is intended.

We will be using recycled metal poles from the dilapidated greenhouses we have on site. Geodomes are one of the most versatile structures available; they are scalable and can be made into any size you wish, you can use all sorts of materials available, and can be used for all sorts of applications, and they can also be joined together.

We will be using a 3V design, which means it has 3 different size pole lengths. It also has the option of a 4/9 or 5/9 variant, which alows the dome to have 2 different heights, either less than or bigger than half a sphere.

Hope to see you budding eco builders on the week of the 6th.

Bike Mechanics Wanted for Weekly Workshop

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Grow Heathrow is looking for bike mechanics to help run our weekly bike workshop. It’s just a few hours in the afternoon. We can move the day of the workshop to a day that suits you best. Please contact us or drop by if you or anyone you know is interested.

Also any donations of allen bolts would be wonderful, as we’re quite low :)

Hayes Carnival, Sat 13 July

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Hayes Carnival 2013 Poster Flyer LR

The highlight of the Transition Heathrow year is coming up on Saturday 13th July – that’s right, it’s Hayes Carnival time!

Be there.

Hayes Carnival 2013 Poster Flyer LR map

We’re incredibly proud and honoured by our past awards for best float and best eco-float. This year’s going to be the best yet. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Self Empowered Energy Revolution – Part 1

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The Energy Group at Grow Heathrow is kicking of a series of Sustainable Technology training days with a workshop on how to build your own generator from scratch – Saturday 27th April at 11am – 6pm

The small Wind Turbine that was kindly donated by one of our supporters isn’t quite up to scratch for our battery bank. We need to make some new windings, so what better opportunity to share our knowledge than by inviting people to come and share in the experience.

We’ll be going through winding our own coils with ceramic coated wire, setting the magnets in resin and then configuring the coils to produce energy as the magnets pass.

The workshop will be accompanied by a delicious lunch.  Donations gratefully accepted where possible. Check out our Facebook event or email us at info@transitionheathrow.com for more information.

Come on down to Grow Heathrow to get skilled up for the Self Empowered Energy Revolution!

Finish the straw bale house!

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Straw bale house

It is time to put the icing on our big, delicious mud and straw cake. With the inside of our curvaceous, carbon sequestering community space coated in a lovely mixture of locally dug clay, straw, sand and poo from our resident horses; it is time to give the outside the same treatment.

This is a great opportunity to learn how to render in clay, build cob and wine bottle walls and have lots of filthy fun. On Sunday 7 April, we’ll also be holding a workshop on willow sculpture making. We have plenty of crash space, a lovely wood fuelled shower and will provide tasty squat pot for all mud slingers. We ask only a small donation for food (£2 per day) and a willingness to engage with the tasks that keep our little squattopia going i.e chopping wood and vegetables and a bit of washing up.

Feel free to come down for as much or as little of the week (Monday 1 April – Sunday 7 April) as you like but please let us know your intention so we can make sure we have enough beds and food.

Email info@transition.com to book a place or receive more details.

Donate to get people building hobbit holes

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Straw bale building at HeathrowTransition Heathrow / Grow Heathrow

Here’s an appeal from our friends at thePOOSH.org, an inspiring grassroots movement that’s supporting people to learn and try out green building for free. They’ve helped us roof our straw bale house, and engineered us a fuel efficient rocket stove that reduces wood consumption by burning secondary wood gases. Now they need some money to keep doing what they’re doing:

In September, thePOOSH team started a four month tour of the UK–travelling, speaking in Universities, helping at build sites and just spreading the word of sustainable building and the organisation. For now we have completed the tour and have in total of 14 build sites registered on our website in the UK.

Well a bit about thePOOSH. Our vision is to someday see a world where community-driven sustainable construction simply will be known as construction, and we want to inspire and empower people to build economical, sustainable, and community created structures by creating a network of volunteers that exchange knowledge, labour, and experiences!

At the end of the year we wrapped up the tour in Scotland where we spent a week intensively planning the future of thePOOSH: our goals, dreams, roles, responsibilities and about a thousand (+/-) future projects!

Well, we are growing fast, and as of today we have over 500 users and 41 build-sites (and at least one build-site on each inhabitable continent!) Today alone 20 new users joined our ranks! But we want to be even more constructive and we want to continue building the movement! Read the rest of this entry »

School visit

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Last week three of us hopped on our bikes and headed over to Abbotsfield School for Boys in West Drayton, where we had been invited to speak to a class of year 11 Geography students.

They’re working on a project about eco-footprints, and they wanted to hear about the work we do in Transition Heathrow to reduce our personal footprints and to promote solutions in the local community. We showed them pictures of the site, and explained all the many ways in which we keep our consumption low, including growing our own food, solar panels, rain-water collection, and our soon-to-be erected wind turbine.

We had an interesting chat with the students about the different types of solutions we are normally presented with, and the problems with them. On the one hand, it may be easy to stop using plastic bags, but what difference does it make if you’re doing it on your own? And one the other hand, how on earth can we convince governments who prioritise economic imperatives over environmental catastrophe that they need to take action before it’s too late?

The answer lies between these two poles. What we need is grassroots community-based action, working together with the people around us to empower each other and make the changes that our governments seem incapable of.  We’re looking forward to talking to more children around the area and are currently putting together some proposals to be sent round all the schools in the Borough. We think it is really important to hear their  ideas for a sustainable future, and to share some of the experiences that we’ve had in Transition Heathrow.