We're grassroots Heathrow residents proving that communities less dependent on oil can be more resilient, stronger and happier. We take direct action on climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy by transitioning to a post-oil, community-led future for the Heathrow villages.

About Us

Transition Heathrow is a grassroots action group working to build resilient Heathrow communities, capable of collectively coping with the injustices and threats of the economic, ecological and democratic crises.

We have four main Aims:

  • To further the Heathrow villages as an iconic symbol of community resistance to the economic, ecological and democratic crises.
  • To develop and promote community and resource autonomy to support long-term community resilience
  • To establish replicable structures of organisation, which could provide a model for future non-hierarchical, consensus-based communities.
  • To root the grassroots radical values of the 3rd runway resistance in the Heathrow villages for the long term


grow heathrow


We hope to bring to light the environmental damage and misery future airport expansion at Heathrow will bring to local residents and businesses.

Our objective is to build permanent and sustainable communities within threatened areas to offer and show a viable alternative to the bulldozing of green spaces, houses, lives and history.

We aim to promote, green, living, working fellowships – equipped to deal with the impacts of climate change and peak oil – controlled by those directly affected by expansion plans – the Heathrow workers and residents.

This, in turn, empowers the community and helps it fight the profit-driven decisions imposed by Governments and corporations, rather than simply suffering the consequences.

Grass root solutions will lead towards a sustainable and resilient Heathrow for all, while the decision of the authorities will mean maximum profits for a few – at the expense of job losses, community destruction and environmental devastation.

Transition Heathrow hopes to bring together the democratic innovation of the Transition Town network and environmental direct activism.

Combined with the tenacious resistance of local communities, the project aims to grow resilience that not only can see off future threats, but can also bring Heathrow communities together to secure a better life for all.