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Donate to get people building hobbit holes

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Straw bale building at HeathrowTransition Heathrow / Grow Heathrow

Here’s an appeal from our friends at thePOOSH.org, an inspiring grassroots movement that’s supporting people to learn and try out green building for free. They’ve helped us roof our straw bale house, and engineered us a fuel efficient rocket stove that reduces wood consumption by burning secondary wood gases. Now they need some money to keep doing what they’re doing:

In September, thePOOSH team started a four month tour of the UK–travelling, speaking in Universities, helping at build sites and just spreading the word of sustainable building and the organisation. For now we have completed the tour and have in total of 14 build sites registered on our website in the UK.

Well a bit about thePOOSH. Our vision is to someday see a world where community-driven sustainable construction simply will be known as construction, and we want to inspire and empower people to build economical, sustainable, and community created structures by creating a network of volunteers that exchange knowledge, labour, and experiences!

At the end of the year we wrapped up the tour in Scotland where we spent a week intensively planning the future of thePOOSH: our goals, dreams, roles, responsibilities and about a thousand (+/-) future projects!

Well, we are growing fast, and as of today we have over 500 users and 41 build-sites (and at least one build-site on each inhabitable continent!) Today alone 20 new users joined our ranks! But we want to be even more constructive and we want to continue building the movement!

Grow Heathrow

We have some pretty big dreams, but we need your help. We  have just launched a 30 day Indiegogo.com fundraising campaign where we are shooting for the stars and hoping to raise $55,000! We are:

•  planning to work with a web developer to help us streamline our website, iron out the kinks and make it as user friendly as possible •  undertaking a massive marketing campaign to publicise thePOOSH worldwide •  applying for 501(c)(3) status in the states •  organizing  sustainable building workshops •  planning promotional tours and educational programs •  building a network of resources •  working to reform current codes and make self-builds more accessible •  keeping membership to thePOOSH free for ever!

Well, the campaign has just started, and like I said we need your help, so check out our website at thePOOSH.org and our indiegogo campaign at www.indiegogo.com/thepoosh Every Dollar $, Euro € and Pound £ will help us to make real, positive change together in this world, and we are excited to get underway! So donate, share our mission with your friends, and join the movement!

$10.00 earns you a personal ‘cheers’ (thank you!) via our weekly video, recorded from our current location and posted via Facebook.

$20.00 You get a photo of sustainable structure sent via email. “You helped build this structure!”

$100.00 You get a plan of sustainable structure sent via email. Pick between chicken coop, basic steam lodge, cob oven or portable rocket stove!

$250.00 We will plan, record and post a Random Act of Sustainability in your honour! Think of random act of kindness with sustainable twist. For example, why not ask us to guerilla garden in your name?

$500 and we (thePOOSH.org!) will run a workshop/skill share in your honour! You will receive a signed photograph (digitally) of us, the structure and workshop participants to frame and cherish. We will skill share for you!

If you haven’t done so already, please check out & like our Facebook page – it is equally as good as a donation right now!

All the best from all of us,

Maarja, Micheal, Jim, Loren, Leah and Eric

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