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Building a straw bale long house

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During the week of the 7th – 13th May, Transition Heathrow will be building a communal, straw bale long house entirely from recycled or reclaimed materials.

The structure will be wrapped around an existing, unused frame of the expansive old green houses that exist on site. The foundations will be made from old car tyres that were destined for the scrap heap, filled with rubble to provide structural integrity an drainage. The floor will be composed of salvaged scaffold boards. The straw bales, that will make up the bulk of the structure, provide great insulation from the summer heat, winter cold and the noise of the outside world. They will be rendered in clay dug from the site and this natural material will preserve the high carbon contents for many years, making the construction carbon negative. Ultimately the roof will be tiled using recycled reformed drinks cans.

In short we will create a beautiful, tranquil space for the community to use amidst the bustle of the Heathrow villages and virtually for free. However, we need your help to make this happen. Many hands make light work. You will leave the week equipped with knowledge of materials and techniques required to build one of these wonderfully cheap and sustainable structures for yourself. If you would like to have a hand in creating an inspirational space whilst learning these sought after skills from experienced practitioners then this is a great opportunity to do so. Food and fun shall be provided in abundance throughout the week.

Please email info@transitionheathrow.com to book a sleeping space.

One Comment on “Building a straw bale long house”

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