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Gardening. Sundays. Be there

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The time has come here at Grow Heathrow to leave the burners cold and drink our morning tea while peering about the site noticing the breaking through Buddleia and Elder, Nettles and Bramble which surrounds the site, stretch out into the coming spring.

Its time to leave meetings and dreams of fat yellow courgettes and crisp fresh peas for the winter months, get out in the meadow, build more raised beds, more cold frames, turn the (great) compost, get rain water collection sorted, make the growing plan, explore the rich and exciting Grow Heathrow heritage seed bank and get ourselves in action to grow food, with and for our whole community, Grow Heathrow and the Heathrow villages.

The PEDAL seed bank comes to Grow Heathrow

So we did that, more than a month ago. You’ll notice that’s why the blog’s a bit late, no time for computers when there’s plants to get to know! Now at Grow Heathrow it’s a buzz of activity – our seedlings are well on their way, soil firmly under our nails and a fresh new excitement in the air – this year we’re on it.

Gardening Club Sundays is the day here at Grow Heathrow to come and get growing. No way we could do this all by our selves, and by no means do we want to, that’s why the gates are always open for anyone to join in. A local resident, a passer by, a Londoner who needs a break from the concrete and smog, kids, parents, old, young, all abilities, experienced allotment growers, those who don’t know a thing about it at all, anyone – really anyone who wants to learn or share their own skills and experiences.

The idea of these Sundays is to get everyone together working on jobs around site to do with the food aspect of the Transition Heathrow project. From week to week that will differ, always an array of jobs to be done for different ages and abilities, from seeding to shifting wheelbarrows of compost. Planting out to harvesting produce. With snacks and hot drinks always available.

Drop a beet

And the best thing about it is, we learn by actually doing it, we will all learn together as we go – a crop might not grow so well, might get a disease or pest – but at the end of the day we’ll learn how to organically deal with it next time.

No, i was wrong, that isn’t the best thing about it, the best thing is we grow it together then we get to eat it, no TESCO in-between. You grow it, you eat it. You defiantly enjoy it. Anyone who has ever tried food they have grown with their own hands that’s fresh from the soil and plant knows it cant be beaten in taste and satisfaction.

With the new TESCO opening up around the corner in West Drayton, all we can really say to them is ‘get out of town’ we’re doing it ourselves. With the produce over the coming seasons, we will be distributing locally in our Sipson post office, and maybe a stall at local Farmers Markets, giving plants and produce away free to residents in the local community to grow in their own gardens, holding peoples kitchens, delivering our veggies to social centres and other squats in london, preserving, pickling, jamming any glut and generally getting to know what its like not to depend on veg imported from half way across the world.

I’m very excited, I hope you are too. Come and join us to understand what food autonomy really means.

The Grow Heathrow gardening club runs every Sunday from 2 – 6pm.

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