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Grow Heathrow’s 1st birthday party – Guest Blog

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After much anticipation the day was finely here, Grow Heathrow’s first birthday.

Despite a wonderfully sunny morning, at around 1’o clock when “gates opened” it started to rain. But did this dampen our spirits, no. Both old and new faces came to the day, with tours under umbrellas, a fire in the rain and much appreciated fresh tea and biscuits pouring out of the green house. A bike workshop and cinema were in full swing too and these were in the dry. The cinema showed Grow Heathrow: the beginning, a video filmed when the green houses were first taken explaining how this project came about and what people felt this project could become in the future: now. Other short clips and animations including #TakeVAT ‘s recent aviation subvertising video, Polluter harmony, a Greenpeace video parody of the eHarmony for Tar sands, and the Impossible Hamster were also shown.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and all seemed to be having fun, as the day continued more people arrived bringing with them more and more cake for the cake competition; a highly anticipated event. The dining table was full of cake, I literally have never seen so much cake in one place, and the winner was …. Tracy and family! This was tightly fought but they had hedged their bets by bringing five or six cakes, it was really really good cake thank you all.

When the cake was judged and tours finished, the one hundred plus people raised a glass of champagne to Grow Heathrow’s first birthday and listened to some brilliant speeches. It became clearer to me then, more than ever, how much this project means to everybody involved. Be that living on site or in the villages or even a frequent visitor. In that room at the back of the first green house people spoke about how this project has allowed them to say YES for once instead of NO all the time. How it has brought the community together again, not just around the opposition to the third runway, but to an alternative way of living as well. And the amazing achievements and stories of the last year have inspired them.

This year has been amazing. Who knew that in such a short space of time that small strip of land could mean so much to so many people. It’s not just that site though, its the people, the people that are this community who make Grow Heathrow so brilliant, amazing and inspiring. Given what we’ve achieved in a year, I imagine the possibilities for the next ten months, the next year, the next two years. I’m truly inspired by all that we’ve created here and I hope you are too.

Cameron Kaye

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